Florida Drought

Even though average annual rainfall in Florida is 54 inches (greater than any other state but Louisiana), it is not evenly distributed and has some unusual characteristics that tend to produce periods of water shortages. For example, Florida is first, or tied for first, in the country for the proportion of summer versus winter rainfall, the difference in rainfall between the normally wettest and driest months, and the difference in rainfall between relatively wet and dry summers. 

What's Happening with Drought?


Florida’s Record Warm 2015 an Outlier in U.S. East

The reasons for Florida’s out-of-sync warmth could be myriad and have likely varied with the seasons, experts said. Drought, incredibly warm ocean waters and natural climate cycles may all have contributed to the likely record... More


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New York

As U.S. Coastal Cities Swell, Rising Seas Threaten Millions

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North Carolina

Sinking Atlantic Coastline Meets Rapidly Rising Seas

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