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Climate change is fueling a surge in dangerous heat days with tens of millions of people affected.

Climate change causing more nuisance flooding in Hawaii

Today, Hawaii has 66,000 people at risk of coastal flooding. By 2050, an additional 152,000 people are projected to be at risk due to sea level rise.

Sea level threats down to zip code

Type a coastal place name in Hawaii and find local projections, maps and potential impacts on people, infrastructure, and much more with our interactive tool.

What's Happening in Your Region?

Study Reveals Stunning Acceleration of Sea Level Rise

A new study has charted what they called an “acceleration” in sea level rise that’s triggering and worsening flooding in coastlines around the U.S.... More

Climate Change is the National Parks’ Biggest Challenge

The National Park Service has been around for 100 years. How it responds to climate change will determine what it looks like for the next century... More


Alaska Continues to Bake, on Track For Hottest Year

This spring was easily the hottest the state has ever recorded and it contributed to a year-to-date temperature that is more than 10°F (5.5°C) above average... More


The Weird Weather That Entrenched California’s Drought

Several months after storms fueled by a fierce El Niño exploded over the northern Sierra Nevada, California’s mountain snowpack has nearly disappeared... More

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