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Climate Central’s analysis shows how much hotter parks are projected to get later this century.

As the planet continues to warm from the increase in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, the temperatures that we consider to be normal are also rising.

More than 25,000 people living in South Dakota are especially vulnerable to extreme heat.

Currently, South Dakota averages 10 dangerous heat days a year. By 2050, South Dakota is projected to see 35 such days annually.

Summers are getting muggier as the dewpoint temperature rises

South Dakota is projected to see an increase in severity of widespread summer drought of approximately 75 percent by 2050.

61 percent of meterological stations in South Dakota are getting more winter precipitation as rain than snow.

In South Dakota, there are nearly 45,000 people living in areas at an elevated risk of inland flooding.

Across most of the country, the heaviest downpours are happening more frequently, delivering a deluge in place of what would have been routine heavy rain. 

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